NaHa Thai
by Heart Shampoo 230 ml th


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Na Ha Thai by Heart Shampoo

FDA Registered No. 10-1-6200031689

Natural Hair Care Products
• Intensive hair treatment with mild formula free from sulfates and silicones.
• Leave your hair nourished and strong for smooth and shine appearance.
• Stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.
• Keep your hair from being damaged from chemicals and heat.
• Reduce acne along the jawline and back.



Gentle and balance shampoo formulated with over 20 herbal extracts. Thanks to power of olive oils and castor oil, By Heart shampoo helps remove dirt and unwanted oil plus makes less lather than a chemical-based shampoo. It contains anthocyanin component from butterfly pea that can enhance blood circulation of the scalp. Gingerol from ginger which fights stress can make you feel relaxed, improve blood flow to your hair, and unclog hair follicles; making your hair grow faster. Coconut oil is a good source of vitamin E that can repair hair damage and dryness. Bergamot oil with linalool compound has anti-bacteria properties and helps to clear the scalp of dandruff without irritation.